Conferences and Change Events

In which spaces and with which formats can change processes be communicated in such a way that everyone feels involved?

Change is a never-ending process. For companies and other organizations, this means taking responsibility and continuously questioning and working through the challenges of entrenched processes. With dialog-oriented formats that allow as many perspectives as possible and with open process and learning spaces in which solution models can be worked on together.

d.confestival, HPI School of Design Thinking, Potsdam
d.confestival, HPI School of Design Thinking, Potsdam
d.confestival, Prof. Ulrich Weinberg and students of the HPI School of Design Thinking
d.confestival, Prof. Ulrich Weinberg and students of the HPI School of Design Thinking
d.confestival, HPI School of Design Thinking, Potsdam
d.confestival, HPI School of Design Thinking, Potsdam

To date, I have been able to co-develop many conferences, workshops or even festivals that have embraced different changes. With open and interactive formats and experts who understood how to shift perspectives in cross-disciplinary impulses. The focus of my conceptual work has always been on the communication phases before and after the event to ensure that all participants can engage with and identify with the content over as long a period as possible.

Furore VI, Kirill Serebrennikov, Russian stage and film director, in a talk with Kai Schächtele.
Furore VI, Kirill Serebrennikov, Russian stage and film director, in a talk with Kai Schächtele.
Furore VI, creative conference by Markenfilm Hamburg
Furore VI, creative conference by Markenfilm Hamburg
Furore VI
Furore, Markenfilm
Furore VI, artwork by Markenfilm
Furore VI, artwork by Markenfilm

The following list gives an overview of the most notable events that I have conceived and realized on behalf of companies, agencies and networks.

Immersive Showroom, 2019

The Immersive Showroom was an exhibition area within the Stage|Set|Scenery trade show that provided a comprehensive overview of the latest experience technologies as part of a three-day interdisciplinary exchange. The format also included a forum curated by me, where international experts from leading agencies and museums provided insights into the various innovative technologies and their potential uses.

Signal Iduna, 2018

The Signal Iduna Executive Congress 2018 in Berlin was the kick-off for the transformation program VISION 2023. Keynotes, workshops and several interactive stations enabled an intensive exchange and a perspective-rich approach of the executives to the topic. On behalf of Signal Iduna, I developed the overall dramaturgy, the scenography as well as various interactive mediation formats. In addition, I supported the agencies involved in the conceptual planning and implementation of the event.

HPI School of Design Thinking, 2012 & 2017

In 2012 and 2017, the d.confestival was one of the largest international design thinking festivals. It was hosted by the HPI School of Design Thinking in Potsdam. The mixture of conference and festival offered an extraordinary creative-productive atmosphere and enabled design thinkers to discuss forward-looking models, methods and solutions with international experts in various formats. Together with Prof. Ulrich Weinberg and his team, I developed the orchestration and scenography for the three-day festival around a circus tent on behalf of Triad Berlin.

Furore VI, Hamburg, Germany, 2017

Furore is Markenfilm Hamburg’s creative conference and annually presents exclusive and personal close-ups of bold, boundary-breaking artists from film, art, theater and advertising. In 2017, I was invited by Markenfilm to curate the guests and develop the content of the format. Invited were Tim O’Brien, US illustrator; Martin Peters Ginsborg, Creative Director at Anomaly in Amsterdam; Markus N. Beeko, Secretary General of Amnesty International Germany; Andrew Shoben, artist, art professor and founder of the collective Greyworld, London; Kirill Serebrennikov Artistic Director at the Gogol Center in Moscow until 2020 and Jakob Lass, director from Berlin. Kai Schächtele led through the day. Concept & Design by Markenfilm HH.

ITB Berlin, 2016 -2017

In 2016 and 2017, I was asked by Messe Berlin to test the three-day ITB Berlin congress in order to subsequently provide conceptual and design impulses for possible optimizations. This involved a year-round consideration of the event and its formats in the various communication stages on site and online.

Germany - Land of Ideas - Workshop, 2016

The Land of Ideas initiative promotes Germany at a national and international level. For this, they look for good ideas and people who implement them, to make them visible and connect them. In 2016, I was invited to conduct an employee workshop to develop scenarios for a successful future of the initiative. Germany – Land of Ideas

Die Messe ist tot … es lebe die Messe, 2015

In the run-up to IFA 2015, admodum, an agency based in Potsdam invited five experts to the SILENT GREEN Kulturquartier in Berlin to discuss ideas for a sustainable trade show. This exciting discussion gave me the opportunity to engage with the CEO of the Bundesverband der Industrie e. V. Dr. Markus Kerber; Dr. Martin Buck, Director at Messe Berlin; Christopher Bach, Head of Communications at Thales and Prof. Dr. Thomas Thiessen from the Business School Berlin. The event was moderated by Heiko Haenler, Managing Director at ad modum.

Elegance Berlin, 2014

In 2014, in order to trace the ephemeral concept of ELEGANCE, international experts provided insight into the discourses of diplomacy, mathematics, soccer, ethnology, technology, philosophy, dance and the city. The impulses came from Moritz Ege, lecturer at the Institute of Folklore and European Ethnology at LMU; Jan Knippers, chairman and director of the Institute of Building Design and Structural Engineering; Charles Didier Gondola, professor of African history at Indiana University Purdue, Indianapolis; Olga Holtz, Russian mathematician; and Anna Thalbach, actress and artist. The closing discussion was led by American journalist Melinda Crane. Together with the product designer and university professor Axel Kufus, the philosopher Hannes Boehringer and the photographer Hans Hansen, I was the initiator and curator of this interdisciplinary conference in the rooms of the Royal Porcelain Manufactory. We were supported by the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research, Triad Berlin and Berlin Partner.

Germany - Land of Ideas, 2012

“365 Places in the Land of Ideas” was a competition of the location initiative “Germany – Land of Ideas”, which was realized together with Deutsche Bank. In 2012, the format was to be condensed from 365 places to 100 places. On behalf of Triad Berlin, I supported the management of the initiative with strategic arguments and complementary ideas in the conceptual realignment. Germany – Land of Ideas

Axel Springer - WELT Business Summit, 2008 - 2010

On October 13, 2008, the first WELT Business Summit took place at the Axel Springer Building in Berlin. A dialog format with guests from business and politics. Among the speakers were Eckhard Cordes, Metro; Thomas Enders, Airbus; Carl-Peter Forster, General Motors; Wolfgang Mayrhuber, Lufthansa; René Obermann, Deutsche Telekom and Martin Winterkorn, Volkswagen. In the afternoon, German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered the results of the special cabinet meeting that had just ended. The day was hosted by Christoph Keese. I supported those responsible in the room staging and the flow dramaturgy of the first three WELT business summits.

Axel Springer - Management Conferences, 2006 - 2010

From 2006 to 2010, I was able to design and realize a total of five management conferences together with Axel Springer Corporate Communications. In each of these conferences, different upcoming change processes were addressed and worked through in several interactive formats in order to sustainably anchor the challenges and opportunities in the minds of the executives. The focus was on understanding customer orientation in practice or upcoming digitization processes and the resulting effects on the company, the employees and journalism.

Axel Springer - Marketplace, 2007

In 2006, Dr. Döpfner, CEO of Axel Springer, formulated the goal of becoming the most customer-friendly media company in Europe by 2010. For this reason, the Customer Orientation Initiative invited the 28 responsible divisions to a one-day workshop. The task was to work in groups to develop and present the three best ideas on the subject of customer orientation. I developed the spatial concept, which gave around 100 participants the opportunity to discuss and present their ideas in smaller groups, and was responsible for the on-site processes.

Axel Springer - Sales Conference, 2006 - 2007

In 2006 and 2007 I supported Axel Springer Corporate Communications in the conception and implementation of two sales conferences.

X. International Bertelsmann Forum, 2006

The X. International Bertelsmann Forum in 2006 gave European leaders from politics, business, academia, media and culture the opportunity for an informal exchange of ideas. For the two-day conference, the historic World Hall in the center of the Foreign Ministry in Berlin was completely transformed. On behalf of Bertelsmann, I developed the overall spatial and dramaturgical staging together with the event unit of Triad Berlin.