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My name is Robert Eysoldt; I am an experienced conceptual designer and consultant for creative and strategic processes with a strong understanding of communication in analog and digital spaces. Together with agencies, I design and implement interdisciplinary formats that present topics and processes in a dynamic and contemporary way. This results in conference, workshop and marketplace formats, programs for cultural and knowledge transfer as well as networking and participation formats that inspire and are remembered for a long time. In addition, as a systemic business coach, I support players in the cultural and creative industries in change processes.

My service profile:


I analyze existing concepts and formats in terms of strategy and creation and provide support for revisions or a conceptual repositioning.


I develop interdisciplinary concepts and formats for physical and digital spaces and derive measures for their implementation.


I create stories that convey knowledge, ideas and other information in the most memorable way possible, so that they are better understood and accepted and thus remain anchored in the memory in the long term.


I support professionals and executives in the creative industry in a process-oriented and systemic way.

Observe. Reflect. Implement.
- Observation

In order to understand the different requirements of a task, I gather information from different perspectives and sources using various research and dialog formats.

- Ideation

Then, in creative processes, several solution approaches are generated, evaluated and condensed into a concept; with a strategic approach and an overall design idea.

- Implementation

The final concept is then applied to the measures and formats and provided with a roadmap that keeps the project on track in terms of content, design and budget.

Relevant. Committed. Creative.

Conferences and Change Events

In which spaces and with which formats can change processes be communicated in such a way that everyone feels involved? Change is a never-ending process. For companies and other organizations, this means taking responsibility and continuously questioning and working through the challenges of entrenched processes. With dialog-oriented formats that allow as many perspectives as possible [...]

Society and Politics

How do you encourage people to participate in social and political processes? Only through collective actions do societies change into communities. This not only leads to a positive attitude toward life, but also ensures that each person can develop further as an individual. Ultimately, this is the basis for any healthy democracy. However, since the [...]

Immersion and Technology

How can innovative technologies be used to turn the delivery of cultural content and brand messages into unique experiences? All over the world, different design disciplines are working together to create extraordinary experiences that inspire us and remain in our memories for a long time. Be it through interactive mediation formats in museums and brand [...]

Culture and Creative Industries

How can the forces of the cultural and creative industries be aligned to push the cultural and economic development of places sustainably? The cultural and creative industries, with their many products and services, are one of the most dynamic sectors of the global economy. It is made possible by the selfless commitment of creative people [...]

My professional career began at RTL Television in Cologne, where I was responsible for many successful program and station campaigns. After 12 years at RTL, I moved to Berlin to develop new cross-media program formats at Universal Music. In 2006, I finally started my own business, ZEROOVERHEAD CONSULTING. More information about my professional background can be found in my vita.

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