What is Furore?

Furore is the legendary annual one-day Creative Conference by Markenfilm Hamburg, Germany. Each year Furore presents exclusive close-up and personal appearances by national and international creative leaders and visionaries.

Deep Impact

Furore VI presents creatives of conviction from London, New York, Amsterdam, Moscow and Berlin: courageous, crossover artists from film advertising, art and theater who trespass into to new creative fields of force with conviction, passion and confidence and allow themselves to be surprised by what awaits them.

Furore VI

Speakers: Tim O’Brian, Martin Peters Ginsborg, Markus N. Beeko, Andrew Shoben, Kirill Serebrennikov and Jakob Lass.

Furore VI was curated by Robert Eysoldt.
Moderator: Kai Schächtele
Photos: Sebastian Muth

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