What can we learn from elegance?

What potentials may the concept of elegance unfold? Where is it to be found? How does elegance affect us? Where does elegance stem from? Where is it appreciated, where is it rejected? And what can a city like Berlin learn from it?

International discourse

Some 150 guests from a range of fields as diverse as politics, academia, economy, arts and design joined in an effort to trace and explore this ephemeral concept. Primers held by international experts provided an insight into the discourses of diplomacy, mathematics, soccer, ethnology, technology, philosophy, dance and cities – with one topic triggering the next and each format transitioning into another.

Host, producer, initiator

TRIAD Berlin was the producer in collaboration with the initiators and curators Robert Eysoldt, Axel Kufus, Hannes Boehringer and Hans Hansen. The conference was supported by the Senate Department for Economy, Technology and Research in collaboration with Berlin Partner and hosted by Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin. ELEGANZ BERLIN on Facebook →