Berlin goes China

Berlin carried its creativity out into the world. Berlin was the third German federal state to present itself as part of the German Pavilion “balancity” at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai. The focus of this presentation was on the city’s famous creative thinking throughout all disciplines. On a stage of about 200 m² within the 6,000 m² “Europe Square,” visitors had the opportunity to experience Berlin’s creativity to its full extent. In addition to live gigs by Berlin music bands and DJs, a permanent and interactive installation was at the core of the five days of presentation.

Five days of presentation

The design and music selection was curated by Flip Sellin (Coordination Berlin), Joerg Suermann (DMY), Raban Ruddigkeit (ruddigkeit corporate ideas), Alexander Branczyk (xplicit), Silvia Kadolsky and Klaus Metz (Esmod Berlin), Philipp Grefer (FAKE music/media) and Akim Walta (Hip Hop Headquarter Berlin). The “Berlin Square” key visual was designed by flora&faunavisions, Berlin.

Conceptual design

Create Berlin was entrusted with the conceptual design and realization. Responsible Creative Director of all Berlin Square activities was Robert, with additional support from Martina Zeyen, Silke Jung, coordination asia and flora&faunavisions.