Concept Developer / Creative Director
Exhibition by Berlin creatives

In celebration of the opening of „Destination: Berlin“ – a sales exhibition of Berlin Design at the MoMA Design Stores – CREATE BERLIN and Berlin Partner organized the BERLIN DAY. The highlight was the opening of the exhibition „Koffer aus Berlin“ (Suitcase from Berlin) that featured suitcases, which was especially designed and packed for this exhibition by Berlin creatives.

How much creativity fits into a suitcase?

Just how much creativity fits into a suitcase was demonstrated by talents such Graft architects; Werner Aisslinger, DJ Paul van Dyk, Olaf Hajek, Gestalten Verlag, Mykita, Zeha, Bless, Kaviar Gauche and Michael Michalsky. Receiving broad media coverage, the event considerably added to Berlin’s international reputation as a creative metropolis.

Promoting Berlin

On behalf of CREATE BERLIN and TRIAD Berlin Robert worked as Creative Director and Producer for this project and was responsible for the exhibition in New York and the temporary interactive project website. The project was supported by Rimowa, Bombardier and DHL.